Vallourec football Champions Cup in China drew to a successful close
The final competition of second Vallourec football Champions Cup in China began in the dreamy atmosphere. Team athletes struggled hard, sweating on the pitch, the audience cry and cheer in high spirits. It is regrettable that VAM Plant Team failed stronger Office Team by only one score. The Office Team won the third place in this competition. In the final championship match, Vallourec Boss Team and PQF Team met on the greenfield, and finally PQF Team won the championship. This championship cup also included the golden ball award, the best striker award, the best goalkeeper and other awards.

Streets are lightened, the award ceremony was held and all teams in order entry at the end of the competition, Not only Chuzhou colleagues of every department of Vallourec Tianda (Anhui) Co., Ltd. and Changzhou plant of VAM (Changzhou) Oil and Gas Premium Equipments Co., Ltd. attend this competition, but also colleagues of VallourecChinaCo.,Ltd. Beijing Branch and VallourecChinaCo.,Ltd. Shanghai Branch participated as well. Although VAM Plant Team and VCHA Changzhou Plant Team failed to get into the top three in this competition,everyone was full of pleasure and decided to continue to fight next year and strive for better results in the next competition.

There are 8 awards in this competition: The best referee award, the best coach award,the best striker award (golden boot award), the best player award (golden ball award), the best goalkeeper award, and the third runner-up, second runner-up and champion of the competition.

The best referee award was presented by Bian Shouqing, a member of the organizing committee of this the judging of this competition.

Wang Yi,operation manager of Vallourec Tianda upstream plant, presented the best coach award to the coach of VAM Plant Team Xi Jianfeng.

Xu Congbing, a professional referee from Chuzhou football association, awarded the best goalkeeper award to Caroline Camuset.

Pierre Maisonneuve and Helio Manetta were awarded the best striker award and the best player award respectively by Li Qing, vice President of NEA human resources.

Zhang Huming, deputy general manager of Vallourec Tianda, presented the third prize trophy to Office Team.

Li Qing, vice President of NEA human resources, presented the second prize trophy to Vallourec Boss Team.

Pierre Maisonneuve, winner of last year's golden boot award,presented PQF Team with this tournament's highest honor---the championship cup. Finally, the tournament has come to a successful conclusion.

After the competition, all teams were still full of joy and regret, everyone deeply enjoyed this competition during these days. The competition was very successful, and we should special thanks to Bian Shouqing,Tianda electrical equipment manager and organizing committee and logistics group director, Tianda maintenance technical experts Gaetan Deboosere,maintenance trainer of pipe plant Claudio Salzano, Tianda human resources manager Xu Yubin, boiler and alloy pipe sales manager Chen Biaozhou, PQF electrical department ZhangYiguo, Yan Changhai, Guo Rulong and Yang guang, preventive maintenance department and other colleagues who strongly support this competition.

Thank you to the group support, all athletes and everyone who participated in this competition!

We will have a more exciting competition next year, let's meet again in next year Champions league!